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What does the IDC do?

We finance and support business ventures and projects in South Africa and the rest of Africa; develop and grow industries in specific sectors; help create jobs; and develop areas that were previously disadvantaged. We are a self-financing development finance institution.

When was the IDC established?

In 1940.

Who owns the IDC?

We are state-owned, with the South African Government our sole shareholder.

What are the IDC's objectives?

By providing developmental finance, we aim to help shape South Africa's growing economy, and so put the country on a new growth path.

Our objectives keep up with the country's ever-evolving economic development; focusing on the aspirations of the New Growth Path and the guidelines laid out in the Industrial Policy Action Plan.

Our objectives are clear:

  • To contribute to the economic empowerment of all the people of South Africa, and the rest of the continent;
  • To develop economies that are viable, sustainable and environmentally and socially responsible;
  • To create employment;
  • To promote entrepreneurs;
  • To develop small and medium enterprises;
  • To invest in growth sectors, such as green initiatives, healthcare and tourism;
  • To drive regional development with an emphasis on rural areas, underdeveloped provinces, and townships; and
  • To accelerate Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment.

What is the mandate of the IDC?

We are mandated to:

  • Assist in financing new industries;
  • Support the expansion or modernisation of operations in existing industries in South Africa and across the rest of the continent;
  • Promote the economic empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals and communities;
  • Promote the development of small and medium enterprises;
  • Promote employment-creating activities, particularly in underdeveloped areas;
  • Encourage the establishment and growth of new technology-based organisations;
  • Enhance corporate governance to promote business excellence;
  • Invest in large beneficiation projects to secure the viability of mid and downstream manufacturing activities;
  • Develop large investment projects and secure co-investment from foreign partners;
  • Promote viable investment projects in spatial development initiatives and industrial development zones; and
  • Support South African exporters and importers of capital goods and services by providing extended credit facilities.

How do I get in touch with the IDC?

Contact our call centre at 086 069 3888 or email us at callcentre@idc.co.za.

How and where do I submit my application?

We have set up strategic business units that offer advice, support key projects and manage funding applications in specific sectors.

Each business unit has a set of specific criteria they use to assess applications. Please check the unit relevant to your project to make sure that you qualify for consideration.

You can submit a written application by hand to one of our offices.

You can also email it to callcentre@idc.co.za

What do I need to include in my application?

We require as comprehensive an information package as possible so that we can make a careful assessment of your application.

We do not, however, have specific forms to fill in.

We suggest you start by drawing up a detailed business plan.

How do I write my business plan properly?

We have drawn up a generic business plan to help guide you.

How long will it take for my application to be approved?

The IDC conducts thorough due diligence to evaluate all proposals and/or projects.

It is therefore important that you submit a complete and a detailed business plan to expedite the process and allow at least three to six weeks before expecting to hear from us.

Is there a monitoring system in place after someone has received funding?

Yes. Each applicant has to submit audited financial statements on a quarterly basis. We also monitor the performance of a company through its repayment record (loans) or dividends (equity).

Does the IDC require collateral or security before it funds a business?

This depends on the economic merit or nature and risk of the business.

Does the IDC take equity in one's business?

Yes, but this normally applies to large projects.

What interest rates do the IDC charge? Are IDC interest rates lower than that of banks?

As our mandate is based on socio-economic transformation, we usually participate in deals with greater risk profiles than banks do. We also price this risk profile at a far lower rate than banks do because an assessment of development returns is part of our decision-making process.

What differentiates the IDC from a bank?

We are a Development Finance Institution. This means we operate as an industrial development agency, which promotes the country's industrial and economic growth through our funding activities.

A commercial bank accepts deposits and makes loans to the general public.

Why does the IDC fund projects across Africa when there is so much need in South Africa?

South Africa does not operate in a vacuum and what happens elsewhere impacts on our lives. We believe that sustainable and economic development across the entire continent has benefits for the communities it directly affects, but it also has long-term benefits for South Africa.

Many of our activities help South African companies as much as they help businessmen north of the Limpopo. For example, we facilitate the export of South African goods and services to the continent. We also help South African companies enter the immense pan-African market.

How can I access IDC tenders?

Our tenders are published on our website. You can access them here.

They are also published in a number of national and regional newspapers:

National press: The Sunday Times and City Press
Regional press: The Star and the Sowetan

Can I get a bursary from the IDC?

Yes, if you are a South African citizen residing in the Republic of South Africa and qualify for admission to a university or technikon; or have already passed one or more years at a university or technikon; and are not currently receiving a bursary or financial aid from your employer.

Technikon or university students who have already successfully completed one or more years will be considered on their most recent academic results.

Bursaries are ONLY awarded to people studying subjects directly related to the industry. These subjects are:

  • Engineering: industrial, chemical, electrical, electronic, mechanical, civil and analytical chemistry (technikon level leading to BTech).
  • Applied commercial sciences: BCom (accountancy or information systems), information technology and computer science.

Does the IDC have internship programmes for graduates?

Yes. We are recognised by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants as an Approved Training Organisation for accountants via the Training Outside Practice Programme. The objective of the Training Outside Practice Programme is to increase the number of chartered accountants from historically disadvantaged sectors of the population.

A prerequisite to enter this programme is the completion of a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting.

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