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In 2012, Foskor in-sourced its travel commodity and applied for an International Air Transportation Association (IATA) licence. In light of this development, a decision was taken in 2014 to the effect that this commodity be moved to the IDC and its service be extended to include IDC and its subsidiaries.

Accordingly, IDC Travel officially launched in April 2014.  As an International Air Transportation Association (IATA) accredited Travel Agency, it is wholly owned by the IDC.


IDC Travel is a BBBEE accredited travel agency which abides by the mandatory regulation relating to accommodation and travel controls prescribed for government entities. In support of IDC’s mandate to create jobs and growth the economy, we support growth and development of small businesses including hotels, guesthouses and shuttle service companies.
Social responsibility

Through its parent company, IDC Travel supports various mentorship programs including, the Girl and Boy Child initiative in which selected children from IDC-adopted schools are identified for leadership qualities through a mentorship program.

As part of this initiative, IDC employees drawn from various departments devote their time over 17 months to provide mentorship to deserving learners giving them an opportunity and exposure to corporate South Africa.

Who do we service?

IDC Travel renders corporate and leisure travel services to employees from the IDC including its subsidiaries, Foskor, Scaw and sefa. 


Corporate Travel
• Online check-in
• SAA check-in online

• BA Comair

• Kulula

• Emirates
Foreign Exchange on International Travel
• USD 350 per night.
• USD 120 per day
• 25 USD for Wi-Fi
• 50 USD per day for taxi.
• If getting a Visa on arrival (advise advise the amount)
• Please keep receipts for reconciling 


 Corporate Travel • Online check-in 
 • SAA check-in online

• BA Comair

• Kulula
• Emirates



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